Right to Rent Checks: landlord and tenants' surveys seek to monitor discrimination

Posted on Thu 11 Dec 2014

Right to Rent Checks: landlord and tenants' surveys seek to monitor discrimination
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From 1st December 2014, landlords in the ‘pilot’ areas, Birmingham, Wolverhampton, Dudley, Sandwell and Walsall will need to check the immigration status of tenants, sub-tenants and lodgers, entering into new tenancies, who are aged over 18 and pay for their accommodation, to assess whether they have the right to rent in the UK. This means that they must have current leave to be in the UK.

The Home Office has published guidance by way of a Code of Practice on how to complete the checks and has provided a list of documents that are deemed suitable to check immigration status. They have also produced an Anti-Discrimination Code which should be read by landlords to ensure they do not discriminate against people in completing the checks.

Movement Against Xenophobia (MAX) is working with Shelter, the NUS, the Chartered Institute of Housing, Generation Rent, Coventry Law Centre (Birmingham branch) and other partners throughout the West Midlands to evaluate the scheme independently. Our aims are as follows:

  • To monitor the pilot scheme for discrimination and human rights implications for immigrants, black and ethnic minorities and indigenous people as a result of the scheme.
  • To assess the impact on those who become destitute or are subject to exploitation by their landlords.
  • To evaluate the efficacy of the scheme and the impact it has on landlords and tenants.

MAX have prepared two questionnaires

Your responses are vital to allow MAX to evaluate the impact of this scheme and prepare an independent report on it.  They have a dedicated email address for people to send comments, experiences and views on the pilot - MAX@jcwi.org.uk subject line Pilot.