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The Better Housing briefing papers are written by experts to provide the latest evidence on the social housing experiences of black and minority ethnic communities. The papers identify good practice examples, and include detailed references to help practitioners explore the evidence further.

The briefings can be viewed online or downloaded and printed for personal use. Multiple copies should not be produced without receiving written permission from the Foundation. Briefing papers cannot be reproduced for sale.

If you are interested in writing a Better Housing briefing, please email 4-5 bullet points outlining the content and struture to Kat Clayton.  To support the development of the Better Housing collection see our supporter's page.

  • Rural minority ethnic experiences: housing and health

    de Lima, Philomena, Better Housing Briefing Paper 7, Race Equality Foundation, March 2008
    This briefing examines the experience of black and minority ethnic service users based in rural areas. With most black and minority ethnic groups...

  • Meeting the sheltered and extra care housing needs of black and minority ethnic older people

    Jones, Adrian, Better Housing Briefing Paper 6, Race Equality Foundation, March 2008
    Although research into the housing needs of black and minority ethnic elders has made consistent recommendations over the past twenty-four years,...

  • Black and minority ethnic user participation in housing

    Bignall, Tracey, Better Housing Briefing Paper 5, Race Equality Foundation, November 2007
    Emphasis on user participation in the housing sector has risen, yet in spite of this; the involvement of African, Asian and African Caribbean tenants...

  • Housing choice and racist hostility

    Law, Ian, Better Housing Briefing Paper 4, Race Equality Foundation, October 2007
    Extending housing choice for black and minority ethnic households requires consideration of racial discrimination, social and economic inequality...

  • The housing needs of black and minority ethnic disabled children and their families

    Beresford, Bryony, Better Housing Briefing Paper 3, Race Equality Foundation, May 2007
    The outcomes and life chances of disabled children and their families are, to a greater or lesser extent, affected by the homes in which they...

  • Racist harassment and housing services

    Chahal, Kusminder, Better Housing Briefing Paper 2, Race Equality Foundation, May 2007
    Although official figures indicate that racist harassment is decreasing, many incidents are reported only at a crisis point when abuse can no...

  • Black and minority ethnic employment in social housing

    Flynn, Ronny, Better Housing Briefing Paper 1, Race Equality Foundation, February 2007
    Black and minority ethnic staff are underrepresented in the social housing sector, particularly at senior officer and management levels.  This...