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The Better Housing briefing papers are written by experts to provide the latest evidence on the social housing experiences of black and minority ethnic communities. The papers identify good practice examples, and include detailed references to help practitioners explore the evidence further.

The briefings can be viewed online or downloaded and printed for personal use. Multiple copies should not be produced without receiving written permission from the Foundation. Briefing papers cannot be reproduced for sale.

If you are interested in writing a Better Housing briefing, please email 4-5 bullet points outlining the content and struture to Kat Clayton.  To support the development of the Better Housing collection see our supporter's page.

  • Ethnic disadvantage in the housing market: Evidence from the 2011 census

    de Noronha, Nigel, Centre on Dynamics of Ethnicity (CoDE), University of Manchester, Better Housing Briefing Paper 26, Race Equality Foundation, April 2015
    There is a political consensus that Britain faces a 'crisis' caused by a lack of affordable housing.  Solutions to the housing 'crisis' rely...

  • Ethnicity, health and the private rented sector

    McFarlane, Megan, BSHF, Better Housing Briefing Paper 25, Race Equality Foundation, November 2014
    The link between poor housing and poor health is well documented and extremely complex, with numerous confounding factors having direct and indirect...

  • The housing conditions of minority ethnic households in England

    Garrett, Helen, Piddington, Justine & Nicol, Simon, BRE, Better Housing Briefing Paper 24, Race Equality Foundation, January 2014
    This paper seeks to quantify the cost of poor housing among minority ethnic households both to the NHS and wider society using analysis of data from...

  • Understanding ethnic inequalities in housing: Analysis of the 2011 census

    Finney, Nissa & Harries, Bethan, Centre on Dynamics of Ethnicity (CoDE), University of Manchester, Better Housing Briefing Paper 23, Race Equality Foundation, December 2013
    This briefing explores the disparities between ethnic groups in relation to two key social concerns currently affecting the housing market in the UK...

  • Migrants and the private housing sector

    Jen Pearce, Building and Social Housing Foundation, Better Housing Opinion Piece 22, Race Equality Foundation, March 2013
    The growth of the private rented sector is a subject that has been of increasing public and political interest, particularly over the last couple of...

  • Tackling homelessness within the travelling communities

    Whitwell, Chris, Friends, Families and Travellers, Better Housing Opinion Piece 21, Race Equality Foundation, November 2012
    Friends, Families and Travellers is an organisation which seeks to end racism and discrimination against Gypsies and Travellers, whatever their...

  • Tackling the prevalence of Tuberculosis amongst poorly housed minority ethnic communities in London

    Patel, Heenali & Sharma, Kiran, ARCHIVE, Better Housing Briefing Paper 20, Race Equality Foundation, July 2012
    This briefing argues that the spread of tuberculosis (TB) is exacerbated in urban communities where overcrowding, inadequate ventilation, and the...

  • Meeting the supported housing needs of black and minority ethnic communities

    Jones, Adrian & Bignall, Tracey, Better Housing Briefing Paper 19, Race Equality Foundation, February 2012
    The briefing examines the use of specialist housing services to support black and minority ethnic communities, providing good practice examples for...

  • Housing benefit and welfare reform: Impact of the proposed changes on black and minority ethnic communities

    Beasor, Sue, Housing Quality Network, Better Housing Briefing Paper 18, Race Equality Foundation, April 2011
    The coalition government has introduced a package of measures intended to reduce the increasing cost of Housing Benefit (HB). This paper examines the...

  • Housing and identity: how place makes race

    Dorling, Danny, Better Housing Briefing Paper 17, Race Equality Foundation, March 2011
    This opinion piece describes the interaction between ‘place’ and ‘race’, arguing that in more unequal societies race becomes...